With “Follow The White Rabbit” we want to communicate the importance of author design brands in the world of fashion, as well as the design process that lies behind each collection. We want to make conscious the work and inspiration behind each garment. Through the Fashion Film and the Editorial “Follow the White rabbit” the other face of fashion is shown, communi- cating that it can be created through an integrity of disciplines. These can come from architecture, art, dance, literature, cinema, nature, and they present themselves by transmitting an identity, something conceptual, pure, profound, that truly has a message.

The aesthetic inspired by the photographer Mária Švarbová, is an analogical image reacting something magical, pure and clean from a minimal point of view in a pastel color range; until you get to create dream images. Inspired by architecture and space, which facilitates us to introduce artistic disciplines narrating a dream.

The makeup inspired by the make-up artist Rubén Mármol made for a beauty editorial on space and astronomical constellations for l’Officiel España. Reinterpreted in the video as the universe of the protagonist as well as the connection that is established between each artistic discipline, modifying itself in each plane to achieve the transition of the dream. Styling is made up of young brands and designers, graduated by the Schools of Design of Barcelona. Selected for the aesthetics, materials, patterns and inspirations behind each garment and design. The «Fashion Film» or «Video Art» is accompanied by a poem that has been a key tool that serves not only to reinforce poetry but as a representation of poetics as an art and as a guide that guides the story that directs the viewer towards a range of emotions.

Con «Follow The White Rabbit» se quiere comunicar la importancia de las marcas de diseño de autor en el mundo de la moda, como así también el proceso de diseño que se encuentra detrás de cada colección. Queremos hacer consciente el trabajo e inspiración que hay detrás de cada prenda. A través del Fashion Film “Follow the White rabbit” se muestra la otra cara de la moda, comunicando que se puede crear a través de una integridad de disciplinas, expresando las inspiraciones que hay a la hora de producir una prenda. Estas pueden venir de la arquitectura, arte, danza, literatura, cine, naturaleza, y se presentan transmitiéndonos una identidad, algo conceptual, puro, profundo, que verdaderamente tenga un mensaje.

La estética inspirada en la fotógrafa Mária Švarbová, es una imagen analógica reacreando algo mágico, puro y limpio des de un punto de vista minimal en una gama de color pastel; hasta llegar a crear imágenes oníricas. Inspirandóse en la arquitectura y el espacio, que nos facilita para introducir las disciplinas artísticas narrando un sueño.

El maquillaje inspirado por el maquillador Rubén Mármol realizado para una editorial de beauty sobre el espacio y las constelaciones astronómicas para l’Officiel España. Reinterpretado en el video como el universo propio de la protagonista como también la conexión que se establece entre cada disciplina artística, modificándose en cada plano para conseguir la transición del sueño.

El estilismo está formado por marcas y diseñadores jóvenes, graduados por las Escuelas de Diseño de Barcelona. Seleccionados por la estética, los materiales, los patrones y las inspiraciones que hay detrás de cada prenda y diseño.

El «Fashion Film» o «Video Art» va acompañado de un poema que ha sido una herramienta clave que sirve no sólo para reforzar la poesía sino como representación de la poética como arte y a su vez como guía conductora de la historia que dirige al espectador hacia un abanico de emociones.


«Sometimes she gets lost in her daydreams. She wanders her world like a dream walker, perceiving the beauty of details no one else is willing to admire. It is an unbearable lightness to comprehend the depth of life, of which she feels herself a canvas of. It is the simple things that inspire her, like a poem that leaves her mind recklessly free falling. She builds up a relationship with the details around her. As if she was interacting in a dialog between inspiration and the creative mind. Observing art means absorbing it, until she becomes its transmitted meaning. It transforms into electric blazes through her muscles, as music is her muse to obtain emotions not even love gives. But what inspires her the most is the perfection of canvas earth. It takes her breath away, every time she puts her toes in the sand, smells the salty air and feels the fresh breeze on her skin. She gets high on oating weightless in water… until she realizes that she needs to evolve from dreamer to maker.»

Os adjunto a continuación el «Fashion Film».

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